Do you provide furniture or should we?

All of our rooms are furnished. If your senior has a cherished possession or piece of furniture, you're welcome to bring it for them if it fits in the room and will ease their adjustment to an assisted living setting.

What size are your rooms?

Most rooms are standard bedroom size--approximately 11 feet by 12 feet, not including the bathroom.

Do you take care of the medicines?

Yes. We dispense all meds and reorder as necessary.

Are adult pads/diapers included?

We expect families to pay for incontinence supplies. However, if you leave a credit card on file with the supplier, we'll handle the reordering for you.

What are your visiting hours?

10 am - 7 pm, daily.

Is your staff trained?

All caregivers are trained in First Aid annually, and they receive additional periodic in-service training in dementia care, skin care, and other care issues specific to the residents of our senior assisted living board and care homes.

What are some other features that set your homes apart?

We take pride in keeping our homes clean and cheerful with a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a bed-and-breakfast.  Our caregivers provide compassionate care to our seniors.  Our San Jose assisted living facilities have private bedrooms and baths, and accommodate non-ambulatory seniors with ramps and wheelchair accessibility.  The homes are surrounded by lovely landscaped yards with sunny decks and shady patios.  Our memory care and dementia unit has a secured perimeter and exit alarms and is in a safe neighborhood where our homes have served the elderly for over 20 years.

In addition to daily activities, we enjoy taking the seniors on outings and field trips and arranging in-home entertainment, parties and other activities.

Shhh!  Can you keep a secret?

For some, our niche of elderly care is a well-kept secret.  Why?  Because, although the level of care is fantastic, most small residential senior care homes (also called “board and care”) cannot afford expensive advertising.

What’s the difference between Assisted Living and Residential Care?

In California, there is basically no difference, other than perhaps a marketing approach.  The licensing requirements are the same and all the services are the same, however in some states, the term “assisted living” is applied to large (up to 100+ beds) facilities while those with roughly 12 or fewer beds are termed “board and care.” 

How soon can we move our senior?

If space is available and all the forms are completed, including proof of a TB test within the past six months, a move could be done the next day.  We are very flexible.

Why We’re the Best

·        We have FANTASTIC staff—with as much as 16 years’ longevity!

·        As “hands on” owners, this is our ONLY job—not a sideline or hobby.

·        Low client-to caregiver ratio—no waiting for help to the bathroom or other needs.

·        We’re easy to talk with!

Thank You’s:

"Your staff does a wonderful job!  I know my mom is well-cared for."--Pat C., RN, Stanford Hospital

"This is the best senior care home out there.  I know because I’ve seen them all!” --Cynthia R., Cisco Systems

"I loved the vibrations as soon as I walked in the door.” --Gay B., Acupuncturist

“My Dad’s in better health here than he has been in a long time.”—James G., MD, Good Samaritan Hospital.

"My aunt was in a wheelchair for several months at the other place.  Your caregivers had her walking within a week after she moved in here!"--Dorothy C., Santa Clara

Client-to-caregiver ratio

Our residents are assisted by a minimum of two staff on site at all times. Our 3:1 client-to-caregiver ratio assures a higher level of care than many facilities with ratios of 10 or 12:1. If a senior needs assistance to the bathroom, there is little or no wait.  The cornerstone of our program is our dedicated staff. Our staff will give your mom or dad lots and lots of love and support!

Our houses are more like home because they actually are private homes in safe neighborhoods.  And if you have a special request, you can tell Debra or Patrick directly.  Should the staff need extra assistance, the owners can return to any home within five minutes because all the senior care homes are located in the same West San Jose/Campbell neighborhood where they live.

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