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Imagine an intimate setting as comfortable as home, but with professional caregivers on site 24/7 to prepare home-cooked meals from scratch, and take care of all the laundry, housekeeping, medications, and other activities of daily living.  This is the type of closeness available in our licensed, private residential care home, known as an RCFE (Residential Care Facility for Elders), offering senior assisted living in San Jose, CA.  Also known as an elderly board and care home, we offer one of the best senior housing options in San Jose and Silicon Valley. If you're looking for a place for mom or dad without the institutional feel of a nursing home or convalescent hospital, this assisted living alternative provides a level of care that is perfect for someone who needs the safety of a rest home with moderate daily activities.
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Call for tours, pricing, and availability: (408) 483-2433

Owners: Patrick and Debra Hall

Our Locations:

Three locations between Moorpark and Hamilton Avenues, all near Winchester Blvd. in west San Jose, CA (near Campbell, CA)


Maria Way


2770 Moorpark Ave.

1319 Maria Way

1474 Pompey




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2770 Moorpark Ave., San Jose, CA 95128

1319 Maria Way, San Jose, CA 95117

1474 Pompey Dr., San Jose, CA 95128


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